Mechanisms for ring binders & folders

Ring mechanism

This mechanism combines the advantages of the following two mechanisms. The clamp ensures that the pages sit and level and flush-edged in the closed file. This creates a good visual impression and indexes can be used easily even with larger filling capacities. The D-ring on the other side of the mechanism allows you to page back through the contents easily. Ring mechanisms are now the most widely used mechanisms.

[Translate to Englisch:] Combimechanik

Round ring

This mechanism enables the individual pages to be turned very easily.  The disadvantage is that the pages are not aligned or flush-edged on the opening side of the file. For this reason, ring mechanisms are less suitable for filling capacities over 25 mm and when using indexes. Ring mechanisms can be installed either in the rear file cover or the spine.

[Translate to Englisch:] Rundring

Arch mechanism

This mechanism has the great advantage that the pages lie straight or flush-edged on both sides. However when turning the pages, they must always be lifted over the right angled bend in the arch. A further advantage of the arch mechanism is that it can be equipped with a paper clamp (Presslok) which secures the mechanism against opening. They are mostly used in presentation ring binders with large filling capacities. 

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Mechanisms for files

Lever mechanism

This mechanism is a 2-ring mechanism with 80 mm separation. It can be opened and closed with a lever. In the closed state it is also locked. Other advantages of this mechanism are easy use and relatively large filling capacities. It is available in two filling capacities (35 and 55 mm). The straight sides of the ring allow the pages to sit straight, and the rounded top enables easy leafing through the material.

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Mechanisms for clipboards or folders

Wire clamping mechanism

This mechanism is used to insert loose papers without holes Available with or without hanging loop. Wire clamping mechanisms are mostly used on clipboards and clipboard folders .

[Translate to Englisch:] Drahtbügel-Klemmmechanik

Lever clamping mechanism

This mechanism is used to insert loose papers without holes and is mostly used in a clamping lever folder.

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