Frequently asked questions & short answers

In which professions can I receive training at Merckens?

Mechatronic engineers, electrical engineers and mechanical engineers

What are the working hours for an apprenticeship?

In general, the working hours for these apprenticeships are 6 am - 2 pm.

What tasks are there in the first year of training?

This varies for each profession, but we take great care to offer a range of tasks and thus broad-based training.

Is the training at Merckens very theoretical, or will I be given tasks to do early on?

We make sure that we offer extremely practical training. That also includes theory, which is offered in vocational schools and on additional courses. It is important, however, to get to grips with the task at hand in order to learn the process in day-to-day operations.

Do I need a car to get to work?

That would be desirable, but it is also possible to get to work by joining a carpool with other colleagues. We have a lot of employees from the surrounding region and carpooling arrangements are very popular.

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