Merckens lives sustainability.

Our products are 100% recyclable, certified with the Blue Angel eco-label and also  FSC®certified. (TO THE CERTIFICATES)

We work with sustainable resources.

We make a major contribution to the Kyoto targets by generating electricity in three in-house hydroelectric power plants. Water is reused with the aid of a fully closed water system, so nothing needs to be discharged into watercourses.

Our raw material is 100% waste paper,mainly sourced from Austria to ensure short delivery routes. The rejected material (waste material) from the waste paper processing area is sent to the thermal plant.

The use of natural gas has been continuously reduced in recent years through innovative drying technology. This has led to recognition as a Climate Alliance company.

For us, sustainability also includes our work in in-house quality circles and the training of our employees.

Quality assurance

Production samples are tested in our in-house laboratory every day to ensure consistent quality.


Ongoing investments form the basis for an outstanding product in terms of quality. Specialised staff and a modern computerised control system are the foundation for this.

Occupational safety

At Merckens, occupational safety takes top priority. Technical consultants help us to implement and make use of the latest developments in this area.