Merckens produces the appropriate paperboard for insoles and shanks, for high-heeled women’s shoes or men’s shoes. CJM 888 is required by leading shoe manufacturers.

The insole is the heart of the shoe. High-quality Merckens shankboard ensures the longevity of the shoe.

Shankboard has the highest quality requirements. Nail holding strength, bending stiffness, hardness, shape retention, flexibility and good machinability are just as important as a water-repellent finish for changing weather conditions. The production process is electronically controlled.

Merckens produces four grades with the designations CJM 888, CJM 188, CJM 158UB and CJM 120 to meet different requirements, but also responds to individual customer requirements within each grade.

Shoe shank board can be printed with “Merckens CJM 888”, “Merckens CJM 188”“Merckens CJM Austria”, or “Merckens CJM 120” in black or red.


Merckens board ranging in thickness from 1.2 to 1.8 mm is used for the manufacture of pattern.


Counters requiring high rigidity are used, for example, for boots and women’s shoes with high heels.