Austro-PP board

Austro PP coated board brings colour, scratch resistance and water repellency to the world of paperboard and cardboard.

Paperboard and cardboard in a weight range from 300 to 3000 g/m² is finished on one or both sides with a polypropylene film in 11 standard colours. The material is versatile and there are no limits to the imagination.

The following standard colours are available:

  • black
  • red
  • white
  • turquoise
  • yellow
  • green
  • gold
  • transparent
  • blue
  • grey
  • violet
  • turquoise

Finishing in special colours is also available.
Talk to our sales team about possible applications for your products.


Application examples

The main application areas are folders, ring binders, letter files, box files, sample cases, luxury packaging, pizza and cake bases, intermediate layer pads, coverings for high-quality papers, furniture backings and the automotive industry.